Arts_and_Crafts pillow detail

Arts and Crafts" was a movement founded in England in 19th century by William Morris. Morris' main aim was to promote an approach between art and industry to create high artistic quality products emphasizing handmade experience.
The movement found its inspiration in the working way of medieval and Renaissance period and it had a decisive part in minor and decorative arts' development, also thanks to the numerous exhibitions starting from 1888 and bearing the same name.
It was the Art Nouveau, that's to say a block of architecture, furniture and objects featured by the employment of curvy shapes clearly inspired by nature world, it was seen as the way to carry out a global ambient renewal. Arts and Crafts creations (conceived by architects and designers) always needed expert craftsmen's intervention to be produced.

Arts and Crafts movement had different names in the various western countries: Jugendstil in Germany, Sezession in Austria, Modernism in Spain, Liberty in Italy. The major representatives were: Virctor Horta and Henry Van de Velde in Belgium, Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow , Otto Wagner and Joseph Hoffmann in Vienna, Antoni Gaudě in Barcelona.