Ferdinando Innocenti: portrait

Ferdinando Innocenti was born in Pescia, Italy.
He was a businessman and was the creator of the Lambretta motorscooter.
When he still was a child he moved with his family to Grosseto and he completed his technical studies. He initially went to work as a smith with his father, later went to Rome with his brother opening a new business. From Rome he moved to Milan opening the famous Innocenti company. Thanks to his acquired kowledge in mechanics field Ferdinando put its attention to means of transport and in 1947 he created the first motorscooter Lambretta (name inspired by Lambro river placed near to Innocenti company), immediately put in competition with Vespa Piaggio (put in production one year before). The Innocenti company also specialized in automobilistic production creating vehicles for european trademarks.
When he died his son Luigi herited the company.