Italy boasts of a great number of artists who allowed the country to be one of the best-established in the field of design.
A lot of important names succeeded and alternated during the years from the end of 19th century to present time, taking example for their work from Italian craftsmen's tradition and from Bauhaus precepts to create unique objects worldwide known and appreciated.

We tried here a brief reconstruction of the representatives of each period, each accompanied by a synthetic biography.

The names we have choosen to do this are (collected in chronological order):
- Ferdinando Innocenti
- Giņ Ponti
- Corradino D'Ascanio
- Giuseppe Pagano
- Flaminio Bertoni
- Piero Bottoni
- Giuseppe Terragni
- Franco Albini
- Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
- Albe Steiner
- Achille Castiglioni
- Ettore Sottsass
- Sergio Pininfarina
- Antonio Citterio